About Us

About Vatsal Exports LLP

We aim to cater the best with a sense of accountability and zero margin for compromise on timber, exclusively being environment friendly to the society.

About The Founder

Vatsal Exports LLP was established in 2021, by Vatsal Patel. He is known for his work with craftspeople with a certain aesthetic in mind, one that has stayed with Vatsal Exports LLP even as it goes through different seasons of fashion. His intricate knowledge about the textile mills of his city and other parts of India, has made him give expertise to the International Waters. A person down to earth and looking to move forward with the generation, keeping in mind the ancestors.

Our Motto

International Reach

With the dedication to grow above the level, over the years we have been connecting links within the International market.
We are pioneered in the markets of European Countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy. South American Countries like Brazil, Columbia, Argentina and not to forget our Asian Neighbours like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand and many more!

Research and development

1. Competitive design development as per trend research, forecast and analysis.
2. Constantly evolving with fabric research and development for better production management and quality output.
3. Creating cost-effective and quality options for yarn, fabrics and textures.
4. Our Yarn & Fabric teams are constantly working on innovation in terms of special finishes like antimicrobial, anti odour, anti fungal, liquid ammonia anti crease etc.

Our Sister Organization

Ozone PB Spintex Ltd. is a main producer for cotton yarn. Started business creation with a goal to set up a completely coordinated material plant Established 2014 and EBITDA positive since commencement. Our organization is an ISO 9001:2015 guaranteed Organization occupied with the matter of production of excellent Ring and Open end yarn for homegrown and trade markets going from tally Ne 4 to Ne 50 which is utilized in Denim, Terry Towels, Bottom Wears, Home Textiles and Industrial Textures and so on.
We have a devoted in-house Testing and Quality Control Group which embraces thorough testing and quality administration. We are one of only a handful of cotton yarn producers around the world who have gotten accreditation from USTER Advances AG. We guarantee that all items fabricated are of the ideal quality for which we run our yarn through USTER's QC Machines.
We were the only independent Cotton Yarn Producer on the planet who has been approved to utilize USTER™️ Brand name. The quality can be coordinated to Client's necessities with the most Trend setting innovation and has "USTER Lab" Types of gear like HVI-1000, AFIS Professional 2, UT-5, UTR-4, CLASSIMAT-5. We have the most exceptional homogenous Parcel The board framework and USTER VISION Safeguard with Sorcery EYE for shaded and PP pollution arranging at Blow-Room stage.
We have Chief's on-line information observing framework from Checking to TFO to gather information like real machine productivity, speed, breakage rate, inactive shaft, slippage, rouge axle, UKG, GSS and so on which assists with limiting quality variety and interaction checking.

We have USTER QUANTUM-3 electronic yarn more clear with PP sensor at Connection Corner to upgrade the nature of definite yarn. We additionally have USTER Quality Master Programming which works with us for online quality observing of definite yarn.

Crude Material Testing: All crude materials are tried for fiber Length, Strength, Elongation%, MIC, RD, +B, Neps/gram, Short fibre%, Moisture%, Trash%, and so forth through USTER HVI, USTER AFIS and MAG types of gear. The crude material is given solely after the test results to keep up the quality boundaries.

Yarn Testing: Each parcel is tried for Um%, Defects, Bushiness, RKM, Elongation%, Classimat, Tally, Tally CV%, CSP and TPI through USTER Analyzer 5, USTER Tensorapid-4, UTER Classimat-5 and MAG supplies at the hour of beginning of creation and rehashed hence to guarantee the quality.

Our Organization is by and by sending out cotton yarns to nations like Portugal, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Belgium, South Africa, Slovenia, Columbia, China, Bangladesh, South Korea, Peru, Guatemala and others. We supply to clients, who are in fields like attire and piece of clothing industry, modern textures, towels, Denims and so forth As of now, Our Organization is sending out its items to nations, which are required to fill in impending occasions consequently offering more extension for Our Organization to foster new business sectors and to build our quality as needs be.